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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Indian Trails 14

Par 3, 227 yards

This used to be a par 4 when the white tees were back with the blue tees (from
which the hole still plays a light 240-some yards). There's some lattitude to miss it short and to either side, though go long and it's a tricky chip back.

I take 5 wood and start it right, expecting my typical slice. Only it doesn't slice. It goes straight to the right and gets swatted down by tree branches. I plant a 3/4 9-wood at the front fringe of the green. This green is very bald, though--my putt has to cross two or three patches of bare dirt, and without any sense of speed I power my putt 10 feet past. 2 more putts later I have a 5.


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