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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Indian Trails 12

Par 3, 154 yards

7-iron has always been the club for me on this hole, where the creek is not in play but both the tee and green are slightly elevated (though flat). For the first time ever, though, I notice audio from a TV at the adjacent BW-3, which bugs me as I tee up.

My 7 goes just left and lands a couple paces off the green, even with the pin. But my short game abandons me here. I used to like to chip with a 7--I knew I'd make crisp contact and could use almost a putting stroke. But I catch the 7 too strong and blast it across the green just off the fringe behind the pin. So I know I need to adopt my 9-iron as my new chipper onto the green. But I'm too tentative and leave myself a 10-footer. The greens are really bald and a read is nearly impossible. I read break but there's none. 2 putts for a 5.


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