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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Indian Trails 7

Par 5, 493 yards

This hole looks long to the average golfer, because the tee sits atop a steep slope that goes slightly to the left. The pin looks small. The slight angle plays well to my slice, so I aim at the trees to the right and hope to end up on the fairway.

My driver goes high but straight and finds the fairway. I tag a 3-wood from there that slices slightly but surely into the trees. I have a clean lie and look at the flag from the rough but misjudge my 8-iron, hitting only 75% when I needed 90 or more, and leave it 20 yards shy. My sand wedge won't climb onto the green, and my 8-iron chip after that rolls longer than I'd like, to 10 feet. Two putts coming back and it's another double, 7.


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