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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Indian Trails 9

Par 4, 305 yards, sharp dogleg left

I strike my 3-iron just about perfectly, fading it slightly to the middle of the fairway, but it turns more sharply at the end and bounces just into the rough. I can see the top of the flag over the downslope from there but can't judge the distance. I hit a 9-iron into the sun and think I've made it to the green, but when I get over the hill I see I'm a couple paces short.

Then my short game shakes strike again. I choke my sand wedge and have a 9 footer left. I desperately want to sink the thing and come within a couple centimeters, but it veers off because I've reduced the speed. I end with a bogey 5 for a round of 48.


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