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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Slice Solutions

I have a severe slice. I've been tempted not to worry about it because 1) I never hook, which is a case of reassuring reliability and 2) if I aim far enough right (as a lefty) I can more or less accommodate the fade. The problems are when 1) my release of the club is too slow through the impact zone, and I start the ball straight or left instead of right, or 2) the hole is too narrow to accommodate shot shape, as with 14 at Kaufman, for example.

So I need to shoot straighter. Here are some of the standard solutions for correcting a slice.

1) A one-plane swing. Slide your back foot under your back shoulder for an extreme correction.
2) Keep shoulders closed at impact (and head down to enforce this).
3) Release wrists through impact zone so that the club face is square at impact.

I think there's one more. But the thing is, in my round at Kaufman, one of my partners thought my solution was 1, the other thought it was 3, and I thought it was 2. With 1, I'm worried about over-compensating and starting to hook; with 3, I'm worried about having too "handsy" of a swing and flopping the club over to produce more shanks. But I don't think 2 is enough to straighten my slice. So what do I do? And how do I keep from trying to do too much with my swing, and think too much when I'm over the ball? Questions to keep me up at night...


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