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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Kaufman 17

Par 3, 193 yards

A tricky tee shot to a narrowly-bordered green. Better to leave it short, with no bunker in play and a wide green to work with.

My 7-iron is still off-duty and I don't even carry the little canal. My pitching wedge flies on me and I'm off the back fringe. From there, with the front pin placement, I have enough green to work with to take out my sand wedge, and just hope to leave myself a makeable putt. My sand wedge pops and lands 6-7 feet in, and I don't think it will release. But it does, and starts rolling toward the cup, lazily, and just keeps going. There's more of an incline than I thought. It casually approaches the cup and darn near drops. Heckuva bogey 4.


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