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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Kaufman 7

Par 4, 453 yards

The tee shot is blind over a hill and the trees tight along both sides. The green is quite elevated, so the tee shot has to be far enough to leave an approach with loft. Bunkers guard the front, but the green is huge so there's room to land it towards the back if you can stomach the possibility of a putt of up to 40-50 feet.

This is where my swing disintegrates. I slice it way to the left and have to punch out with an 8-iron. Only I can't commit to a punch--I try to carry a tree along the left side of the fairway, but leave it under that tree. I launch a 5-wood from there and pop a good 9-iron well onto the green. But the 40-footer gives me the creeps and I 3-putt for a 7.


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