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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Kaufman 12

Par 5, 507 yards

Despite paralleling 52nd Street--an unwelcome reminder of the outside world--this hole is scenic, with a slight decline in the fairway bending back up toward the green with a belt of fairway bunkers (they look greenside to me, but there's 20 yards between them and the green.

I hit a controlled slice short and power my 3-wood to within mid-iron approach range. I choose 7 to carry the bunkers, but catch it flat and land in the left-most trap. I shovel out with my pitching wedge, then take another pitch to get on the green. I have a tremulous 20-footer coming down the hill with slight break to the left, and hope somehow to leave it within 3 feet of the cup. I send it and worry that I've given it too much oomph. The break is good and the ball curls toward the cup. It's either going to sink or roll off the green. It crawls in the cup. 6.


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