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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Kaufman 6

Par 4, 386 yards

An out-of-bounds fence around a broadcast tower juts into play off the left rough. The right rough has a forgiveness area from about 210 to 225. The green is wide and guarded on the front right by a bunker, but don't lose it off the back.

I catch my 3-wood thin and then borrow a 7-wood from my neighbor, a fellow lefty I'm playing with today. I strike it true and am left with a three-quarter 9-iron, which I scuff and send off the back of the green. This is the worst possible place to be today because the pin is back left, and I have no landing area to work with. But I strike a good 8-iron chip and sink the 5-footer for a bogey 5.


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