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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Mines 9

Par 4, 364 yards (blue)

Plenty of landing room--though as I play the hole now there are players facing me at the 5th tee, so I want to keep it straight. Yet another elevated green, calling for height on the approach.

My driver is straight but high again, and I skull my 7-iron off a ridge 50 yards up, 50 yards short. I dial in another pitching wedge, placing it perfectly on the front edge, right in front of a mean pin placement less than 6 feet from the front. I swear I've holed it, and my first glance at the cup shows the ball is nowhere around it. Unfortunately, it released to end up 15 feet past. Uphill. I don't get it. I two putt to finish with a bogey 5.

Out: 44


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