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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Mines 13

Par 4, 394 yards

This hole is also too close to real estate; I wouldn't let any kids play in those backyards off the tee boxes. The white tees give the player a shot at clearing the sharp turn and imposing fairway bunkers.

I slice my 5-wood and land it in a chewed-up patchy stretch of the fairway that hasn't grown in yet. I take relief from a patch of dirt and play a solid 7-wood just short of the green. The green is three-tiered sloping from the back, but without any other curvature than the tiers. I chip up with an 8-iron, landing on the second tier and rolling it up to the third, where the hole is. For some reason it rolls to the left. I push the six footer badly to the left. 5.


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