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Monday, August 29, 2005

Wilderness 2

Par 4, 325 yards, sharp dogleg left

This hole is a blind tee shot that wraps around the woods on the east side of the property. I'm curious what righties do on this hole; a slice will send the shot traveling 180 degrees away from the hole. Is the righty play a lay-up with an iron? My lefty slice is suited perfectly to this hole--but hopefully not too suited--Without aiming far enough right I could send it to no-man's land out of bounds to the east.

My 5-wood flies well but slices dangerously close to the woods, so much so that I drop a provisional ball, before locating the original on the left edge of the fairway. My 6-iron goes right and short, and then a thick 7-iron checks up a good 30 yards from the green. But I air-mail my pitching wedge over the green and make a mess coming back, with a sand wedge and a 3-putt. Ouch. That's a quad 8.


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