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Monday, August 22, 2005

The Kind of Golfer I Am

My preferred golf attire is blue jeans and comfy tennis shoes. My clubs don't match. I don't get to play more than a few times a month (in Michigan's four or so golf-able months). I try to play at the least busy times, and at a moment's notice, so I usually play alone. I play courses under 6,000 yards. I've never taken a lesson. Mid-nineties is both a good score for me and the age at which I hope to stop golfing. I'm neither boastful of what a pure amateur I am (because if I had the time and the social standing, I might practice all the time and join a snooty country club), nor whiny about how bad I am. What's the point? Scrub or snob, you play golf for the rush of that perfect shot (however occasional), and for the serenity of walking down a fairway toward a green. What follows in this blog are some of the things that happen along the way.


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